What is DermA?

DermA is an integrated platform solution provided to you by Firma Technologies Pte Ltd, a mobile medical analytics company with offices in both Singapore and Australia.

The prevalence of Skin cancer, especially Melanoma is on the rise. Melanoma is notably one of the most deadly types of skin cancer with a high survival rate if detected during the early stages.

Firma Skin Pte Ltd is a mobile medical analytics platform company that aims to encourage the democratisation of healthcare through mobile-based technologies and AI capabilities.

Derma Analytics (DermA) is a mobile platform that effectively enables all types of patients with lifestyles to analyse and monitor suspicious lesions and moles. As an intelligent and secure platform, this enables patients to conveniently and remotely monitor and screen for Melanoma risks to determine the best treatment options with their associated clinicians. This platform analysis is done with DermA’s clinically validated and patent-pending technology that pre-screens and analyses each photo, classifying each mole with a potential risk level before it is archived on the DermA platform for future reference.

To better understand what we do, visit our corporate website here. For more information about DermA, contact us at support@dermaanalytics.com.

Identify and track suspicious lesions and moles remotely


Analyse your mole in matter of seconds using clinicialy validated algorithms on DermA


Review the results of your skin analysis over time with your clinician

How does DermA work?

Our technology makes use of feature Extraction and AI-based self-learning algorithms, supported by experienced dermatologists. The diagram below showcases the 4 parameters our algorithm analyses before giving a result



Our algorithm also uses a hybrid segmentation method for mole detection. This method is proven to give the most balanced results.



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