What is Melanoma?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that usually manifests itself as a mole. For more detailed information, please read our Melanoma iDesk section on our mobile platform.


Is DermA free?

Yes, DermA is currently free for all to use for a limited time. Users will be required to register for an account before they can use DermA.


Is DermA alone sufficient in diagnosing skin cancer?

No, DermA does not allow users to perform self-diagnosis.


DermA only provides a level of analysis followed by a recommendation based on the photos users have taken of their skin lesions. These photos can also provide an additional help to the dermatologist upon consultation.


Can DermA replace your local dermatologist?

By all means, no. Please consult your local GP or skin specialist for a proper consultation if you have any queries or are not satisfied with the platform’s recommendations.


How will DermA protect my privacy?

In order to access our archiving features, users will need to register an account. After 7 days of inactivity (the approximate time needed to follow up on a mole), users will need to log in again. Also, photos taken will be stored in-app and not in your photo gallery. 

For more information on how we secure your account, please read our disclaimer section or click here.


Why DermA? How is DermA different from other apps?

DermA is a mobile platform that allows patients to log and perform self-checkups on suspicious moles and lesions with a globally patented algorithm with imaging-analytical capabilities. The platform also allows you as the patient to be connected an actual physician who will then be able to remotely monitor your progress and provide you with the best option for care.


Who should use DermA and how does it work?

Anyone who owns a smartphone can use DermA. DermA allows users to analyse and archive their moles with the additional option to consult with an associated clinician if required.


How do I use DermA?

For more information on how you can use DermA to address your skin conditions, you can refer to the page under the "Using DermA" tab or simply click here. A more detailed tutorial can be found in the DermA application.


Whether you are a patient or a clinician, monitoring melanoma has never been easier.

Will there be additional charges if I need to consult the Doctor?

Unless you are currently linked to a doctor on DermA, there will be no additional charges incurred on the platform if you decide to consult a clinician that is not associated with DermA. But please note that you will not be able to share your information stored on the DermA platform if the aforementioned clinician has not been approved for platform registration.


What are the payment methods available when I purchase on DermA?

DermA is currently free to use for a limited time only.


Apart from my smartphone, is DermA available on a tablet, iPad or desktop?

DermA currently is only available on smartphones running iOS and Android.


Can I export my archived photos?

Users currently cannot export their photos as this is part of the platform’s security protocol to protect your sensitive data. If you are currently linked to a clinician on DermA, you will need to grant your clinician access to your information. 


How long is the free trial?

DermA is currently free for an indefinite period of time as we want to encourage everyone to take a more proactive stance on managing the risks of skin cancer, happy screening!


Is DermA easy to use and how do I get in touch with DermA?

At DermA, We are committed to providing users with a pleasant user experience. If you have any questions or constructive feedback on how we can improve your experience, please email us at support@dermaanalytics.com.  Your comments are greatly appreciated.


Does it mean that if I have a larger mole, the risk of me getting skin cancer is higher?

By all means, not necessarily. DermA functions as an imaging-tracking platform that provides additional analytical capabilities that GPs and skin specialists use to determine the probability of Melanoma. Please consult your doctor for professional advice or another course of action if unsatisfied with our recommendations.

*Please note that DermA only serves to provide an additional frame of reference when it comes to monitoring moles and lesions should not be used to replace a GP or medical specialist when it comes to diagnosing Melanoma.


How can I be sure that my personal information is kept safely?

At DermA, we pride ourselves on ensuring user’s privacy and security. For more information on how we do this, please read the Disclaimers Section.


Can I delete my photos?

Patients are strongly discouraged to delete their photos, especially if they are connected to a physician. These images may contain important information for your clinician to consider.


Can I share my account with anyone else?

No, please note that sharing accounts is discouraged as the images taken from each account will be shared with your associated clinician, if patients are linked to one.